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Why Grey Mouse Publishing?

In mythology, even though the little grey mouse was small, it was brave and persistent in getting what it wants.

These are the clients that I want to work with.

Those brave enough to try and persistent enough to finish.

Want to build a business around you book?

It takes just 3 simple steps… 

Step 1 - Pen

Step 1

Publish your book

Publishing your book is just the first step to creating a business around your expertise. From clarifying your idea for your signature book to publishing it online, we have a number of options to help you take your first step.

Step 2 - Promote

Step 2


If you want a bestselling book, then you need a platform to launch it from. Create an author platform and generate interest in your book, BEFORE it’s published.

Step 3


Realistically, most people don’t make much money from their books. They make money by leveraging them.

Your book is your lowest-priced offer. Build a sales pipeline with a range of products built around your book.

4 Steps to publish and profit

Here’s the how!

From online courses and book templates, to 1:1 packages,
we help you to not only publish a suite of books around your signature book,
but also a sales funnel where your book is your lowest priced offer!

Step 1 - Pen

Done By You

Tools and training

If you’re a self-starter and just need tools and training to help you, then check out my book templates and online courses.

Step 2 - Promote

Done With You

A helping hand

If you need a helping hand, then try our live workshops, Master Self-Publishing platform or book some 121 calls.

Done For You

Stress-free packages

Let me create a bespoke package just for you, from formatting your book to mentoring, we’ll take a step-by-step look at what you want and need.

4 Steps to publish and profit


“If you have ever had the slightest interest in writing a book and not sure where to start then I thoroughly recommend Karen Brown.”

Bernie Curd

Author, Breathe and Bloom and several other books on Amazon

Karen has been a pleasure to work with and always brings out the best in me, helping me to reach my full potential. She is more than just a life coach. She has the ability to help you recognise and order your goals but also the skill set to help you fulfil your goals.

Faye Hayden

Author, Bedtime Stories for Mothers and Others, United We Play vol. 1 and 2

Publish my own book? Never thought it was possible or that it would be so easy. Coach Karen makes the complex simple and fun. She bases her business on kindness and it is amazing. In just a few short months I have been able to publish six books.

Ruth Van Hoven

Author, Author of several books on Amazon

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Online Workshop – €347

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Self-Publishing?

Self-Publishing used to be thought of as vanity publishing, however, with the advent of print on demand options with companies like Amazon and IngramSpark, around 40% of books published are estimated to be self-published (source).

How Do I Know if Book Mentoring is for me?

As a Book Mentor, I'm your guide in your journey to self-publishing, however, I have many affordable options including book templates and courses to help you as well.

Who do you work with?

I primarily work with coaches, consultants and small business owners. To profit from your book you need to create a range of income streams to leverage it.

What is included in your services?

As a coach, I help you to clarify your book idea and check if it's viable.

As a book mentor, I will guide you through the process and help you find ways to leverage your book.

When it comes to formatting your book, I'll help create the layout and structure of your paperback, hardcover and ebook (if appropriate).

Do You Have a Publishing Package?

I do indeed. We can work together over 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, depending on your book. However, publishing your book requires you to step up to write and finish the first draft, so that we can begin the editing process. I can't help publish a book that isn't written.