About Grey Mouse Publishing

and Karen Brown


 Hi, I’m Karen Brown.

I’m a mum in her 50’s with a gorgeous son and husband (no.2). I live in a tiny village in the middle of Ireland, where when I go to the local cafe, they know me by name and can pretty much guess my order. Not quite “everyone knows your name”, but not too far off it! 

My journey as an author

Published my first book “How to optimize your LinkedIn profile” in 2012. In hindsight, it was terrible, but for me, it was an achievement and there were a significant amount of people who downloaded it.

Fast forward a few years, and I now know not to do my own book covers, but I also know how to structure and format my books so that they flow and make sense to the reader. I also started helping others publish their book. Initially, taking a manuscript and formatting it for publishing on Amazon, then creating the structure and layout of books, based in part on books that I’d already published, and then helping to create unique books that reflected the author, but had components that required more complex formating. I found that I actually got more pleasure helping others publish their books than I did my own.

My journey as a publisher

It was only at the beginning of 2020 when someone suggested that I’d self-published so many books, and helped a friend publish hers, that I was as much a publisher as an author. Whilst it was blindingly obvious to him, it hadn’t been to me, but it did make sense. And so, in keeping with my values and life purpose, I now help others publish their books.

In such a winding journey, my life purpose, values and beliefs have aligned themselves in a way that I’m enjoying and which has helped me work with more clients in the last year than the last few years, although to be fair, I was homeschooling my son and caring for my dad.

Grey Mouse Publishing evolved out of Coach Karen Brown as I realised that I was more of a Book Mentor than a Coach.

I loved the idea that whilst a mouse is small, it can have a big impact and much bigger animals are afraid of it. In Native American mythology, there is even a warrior mouse who is brave and tenacious, and that’s what I wanted to embody.

My mission:

To empower coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to publish their own suite of books that they can sell, cross-sell and leverage.

My values:

Kindness is at the heart of my business, along with integrity, creativity and fun.

If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?