Live Online Workshop

Publish a Journal in 4 Weeks

Over 4 weeks you can publish your own journal

Emily Dickinson once said, “Whenever a thing is done for the first time, it releases a little demon”
and so my goal for you this week is that you release that little publishing demon.

Is it really possible to publish your own journal in just 4 weeks?

Absolutely. Here’s how!

As part of this 4-week course, you’ll get:

  • your choice from over 50 book templates, allowing you to quickly create the journal you’d like
  • access to a Canva template to create your own book cover
  • live over-the-shoulder training with an experienced author and trainer
  • to publish your own book, with support!

You’ll learn how to apply the PUBLISH Method to create a journal that you’ll love.

Publish a book in just 5 days

This course is running from 18th October at 19.30 pm for 4 weeks.

The cost is €247. 

To sign-up and pay, just click here.