I want to share something with you that may surprise you.

At school, I was rubbish at English.

I didn’t understand comprehension.

I didn’t understand where or how the teachers could extrapolate what was written into their interpretation of what the author meant.

And whilst I wasn’t too bad a spelling, it was because I’d had to write the word out 100 times after getting it wrong!

That said, my first job was working for an accountancy firm and I found 10 different ways to spell analysis (where was spell check when I needed it!!!)

The thing is, this left me with a belief that as I was no good at English, that I couldn’t write.

It became such a big limiting belief, that even though over the years I wrote user guides as an IT Trainer, and wrote “How to…” books, I couldn’t tell a story.

I couldn’t write fiction.

I was an author, but not a writer.

But here’s the thing with limiting beliefs, what was true then isn’t necessarily true now.

And here’s the thing about being a coach, when you spot a limiting belief, you can recognise it for what it is and you start to deal with it.

So, at the end of last year, I took the bull by the horns and started to take a creative writing course.

I have to confess, whilst I passed my first assignment, it was pretty rubbish.

But with each assignment, I got a little better and a little better.

I learned about things like Freytags Pyramid and suddenly book structure made sense.

I’m still working through the course but I’m starting to enjoy writing in a way my schoolgirl self would never have imagined.

So when it comes to writing, what’s stopping you?

Click on the comments below and tell me.

I’d really love to know.